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We still have a mental health crises and parents need help now not latter.  I understand that times are difficult financially, but we cannot continue to cut services to families.

I hear parents who are willing to give up or who are giving up because there is no support.  Many parents tell me how their children are failing in school and need help.  However, when they ask the school for help they are turned a way and told there is nothing they can do.  This is a lie.  A child who is Bipolar qualifies for an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).  The schools are telling parents no.  They are saying no because the State and the Districts have no managed their funds correctly.
Parents state they are reporting their children to the police for using Marijuana and for physically threatening the parents but the police claim it is a civil matter.  It is a civil matter because the State and Counties have basically eliminated mental health services with their budget cuts.
Hospitals are refusing to admit children for mental health because insurance companies will not pay and the hospitals have cut back their programs so there is no room.
Where does a parent go for help?  We tell parents to be responsible and they are but they ask for help and receive none.  These families are living lives or torture.  Furthermore, these families who have fought so hard for help but keep getting turned down, fall a part when the child acts out taking their own life or hurting others.  These families are now forced to bare the stigma of, "why didn't you get your kid help."  When that is all they tried to do.
Some make take offense to what I have said or agencies I have named.  But, we cannot worry if an agency will be offended by the truth.  Do the research yourself.  Start asking questions or start paying attention to how your health benefits are being cut.  We must work together and we must demand that these parents and children be given help.
As the old story states, I did not pay attention when they came to get the Jews or the Blacks ... When they came to get me there was no one left to help.  You may not think this crises impacts you, but I can promise that it does impact someone you care about and it may be impacting you faster than you are aware of.  Our economy is changing very fast.  You might wake up tomorrow to find out it is your problem.
Therefore, speak up, call, write, email your State and Federal representatives and inform them you will not tolerate this anymore.  If a parent is having problems, go with them to the school and demand that something be done.  It does take a village to raise a child and we are all part of the same village so please start helping each other.
You can have all the money in the world but without your health it means nothing and money will never buy you happiness.
Please let me know your thought and comments by responding to my blog or emailing me.  Thank you for your time  

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