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                    WHAT YOUR KIDS NEVER TELL YOU

Important Information for Parents

Most teenagers do not want to come to therapy.  Either they are embarassed or they feel that they can handle everything on their own.  This is where your jobs as parents come in.  If a teen is depressed, has been talking about suicide or you suspect drug use, they can not handle this on their own - they need treatment.  If you took your child to the physician and he said that your teen needed surgery or medication, you would make your teen follow the doctor's orders.  You are in the same situation with therapy.  Your adolescent is not mature enough to decide if they do or do not need therapy in certain situations.  If you are dealing with depression, suicide, cutting behaviors etc., then it is your responsibility to decide for your child that they will participate in therapy.  As their parent you need to think of their health first.  Thank you for your support

There is a new very deadly drug on the market that teens can by legally.  The drug is called "bath salts"  They are not the bath salts you use in a bath.  They are being sold at stores in the malls and the containers state "not for human consumption."  They cause kids to become suicidal and to see things and hear things.  Several teens have committed suicide after their first use.  The news show 20/20 on ABC has a complete story regarding the drug on their web site.

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Watch the video above it may save the life of someone you love

If you know someone who cuts themselves or you do not know what cutting is, log on to the Rubino Counseling Services page on Facebook and watch the two videos located there.  You can also click the facebook button on our home page and automatically conect to the page.  Please watch,  cutting is very serious and common with teens