Rubino Counseling Services



We provide a variety of services to assist you.  Our services are described below.  If you have additional questions please call our office or email.  Regarding payment, we accept cash, checks, credit cards and most insurance companies.  We will be happy to bill your insurance and assist if a claim is denied.  However, prior to beginning therapy please call your insurance to verify your coverage and to ensure that you understand your benefits.  
We offer therapy in the following languages:  English, Spanish and Italian
We provide the following services:

Individual therapy for adults, teens and children
Play Therapy for children and teens - no children under 4 yrs
Marriage/Couples Therapy
Groups - anger management and decision making for teens
Psychological Testing
Therapeutic Supervision
Expert Witness Testimony
Consultant for IEPs - We also work with Wevorce which does mediations. Mediations are better than divorce. For more information follow this link
We accept most insurance companies and we also provide a sliding fee scale if you cannot afford our standard fee.  Since fees vary on the service and your insurance, please call the office at 925-827-9876 to find out what your fee would be. Thank you.
Our Anger Management - How to Make Responsible Choices Group is designed for teenage boys and boys in middle school.  The group helps them to learn how to identify their emotions and how to express them in an age appropriate manner.  It also helps them understand that there are other emotions besides anger and how to express anger in a healthy manner.  Overall the focus is on helping the adolescents understand that they are entering the adult world and how to function in the adult world.  Also the group helps them to identify and decide how to handle such situations as drugs, school, girls, friends and the trouble they can get into with cell phones, texting and computers.  It helps them adjust to living in the 21st century as mature young men.