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Many people assume that because it is the Holiday season that they must be happy and going to a lot of Holiday parties.  If they are not happy or not going to parties they assume there is something wrong with their life.  After all there are all these commercials and movies and television shows about how happy everyone is at this time of year.
    However, this is not reality.  This time of year can be very lonely for people because they are separated from their family, someone has died or they grew up without a close family.   Also there is all this pressure to buy gifts and to be going to Holiday parties.  However, for some, especially this year, money is very tight.  Some people can barely afford food - they don't have the money for the gifts or the parties.  This can make them feel like a failure.
   Also for people who suffer from mood disorders, this time of year is depressing because of everything telling them to be happy.
    The purpose of the season is to celebrate life and to enjoy life.  You do not have to buy a lot of gifts to be happy.  Sometimes the best gift is just helping someone to their car with the groceries.  Simple, kind gestures that show you respect another person.  This is what we should focus on.  It is a good idea to have your kids donate one of their gifts to someone in need so they start to learn this lesson.
    If you are unhappy or down, may be you need to allow yourself to experience these feelings instead of trying to be happy.  If someone close to you died this year you are going to be down - it is okay to feel it.
    The main point is celebrate this time of year how you need to not how you think you should.  If you are really down or upset and it is getting overwhelming do not be afraid to ask for help.  There is help out there.
    So remember this can be a very happy time or it can be a very sad time of year.  The key is allow yourself to have your emotions to do what you can do and do not try to live up to an image in a television commercial.
     Here are 2 short videos that might help:

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